IQ.desk is fully integrated with Bitrix24 comprehensive CRM
technical support system enabling fast and effective
handling service requests of your customers.

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One system, many possibilities

Provides comprehensive customer service and combines sales activities with ongoing service in one system.

Access to the list of requests and reports of their handlings allows people from the sales department to be up to date on current problems faced by the client.

As a result they gain a better understanding of what additional services or products from your portfolio they can offer to the client. The sales supervisor can contact the consultant regarding a given request directly in the CRM system. In justified cases, he has the option to escalate the request to the head of the technical service department.

and communication

Team collaboration and multiple channels of
communication with the client

Enable your customers to get help using multiple communication channels:

E-mail Forms Customer portal

When necessary , involve more people to work on the report. You can easily assign other people from your organization to the ticket and discussion. All you have to do is enter ‘"#" in the "Comments" tab and choose the correct person from Drop down menu. The selected person will receive notification about the assignment to new task.


Customize your service
level to the customer's needs

Specify the key provisions of the service contract and enter the time frame (SLA according to which requests will be accepted and resolved by your consultants.

Monitor delivery times and statuses of requests so they are resolved on terms agreed with the client.



Increase the efficiency of your consultants

Eliminate repetitive tasks and manual processes. It will increase service efficiency and customer satisfaction using automation and workflow rules. Below are some examples of Bitrix24 automation that you can use for:

  • Remind the consultant that the assigned ticket remains unresolved for x hours.
  • Close the ticket x days after, it was marked as resolved.
  • Notify the consultant when a pending application has been updated by the applicant.
  • Send a notification to the customer about the need to complete additional information for the application or inform him about a change in his/its status.


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