Provide high quality of services provided through communication
with the client via dedicated web portal.

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Customer Portal

The service portal is part of IQ.desk. It is the place where your customers can manage their service requests.

The application gives you more effective exchange of information between the client and your consultants, contributing to closer and long-term cooperation between your companies.


Benefits from using the Service Portal for your Customer

  • Access to all sent service requests in one place
  • Possibility to check the status of the application
  • Easier communication with people responsible for solving problems

What do you gain

  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Enhancement in the flow of the information
  • Organization of all information related to requests


The Customer's desktop gives you overview on such information as : - a record of their contacts to Technical Support - statistics related to the requests sent by them, including the record of all communication exchanged within each of the requests.

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