Increase productivity with IQ.timer – effectively manage time in your company

In today's world, where time management is key to success, IQ.timer becomes an essential tool for every organization. This innovative application offers functionality that allows for precise tracking and managing work time, integrating directly with your tasks in Bitrix24.
Focus on what's most important
IQ.timer helps organize your workday by focusing only on selected tasks. Thanks to the dashboard concept, you only see the tasks you will work on that day.

Less urgent tasks? Plan them for tomorrow - IQ.timer will automatically move them to your day plan after midnight.

List of All Tasks and Day Planning
IQ.timer allows you to plan your day by choosing tasks from the list assigned to you in Bitrix24. Every day your plan is automatically reset, allowing for order and filling it with tasks you will work on.
Tasks you will work on for a longer time can be pinned to the day plan. In this way, they will appear in subsequent plans until they are unpinned or completed.

Intuitive work time registration
  • Measure the time spent on tasks using the stopwatch and 'start/stop' function.
  • You have the option to manually fill in time when it is more appropriate for the specifics of your work.
  • Make corrections to the recorded work time and add comments. This ensures transparency and accuracy of data, as well as a better understanding of work processes.

Online Workday Reports
Generated reports show the total worked time along with a list of tasks that contribute to this total. All entered times, whether through the stopwatch or manually, are automatically included in the report, giving you full transparency of your workday.

IQ.timer allows for the export of reports in xls format, so the time record can be sent to the client as an attachment to the invoice

Marking Billable Tasks
This is a key function for billing clients. You can mark a task as payable to easily settle with the client based on the worked time.

Reports and notifications sent by email
Receive regular time reports on your email and notifications supporting work time recording.
IQ.timer informs about the lack of tasks in the day plan, reminds you to start the stopwatch, and sends weekly reports to supervisors.

Integration of IQ.timer with Bitrix24 opens new possibilities for effective work time management, offering unprecedented synergy between planning and task execution.

Automatic counting of time filled in tasks in Bitrix24
The timer in IQ.timer automatically counts the time spent on tasks filled in Bitrix24. Whether you use the stopwatch or enter work time manually, everything is synchronized and precisely recorded in your day plan.

Direct access to tasks in Bitrix24
Thanks to links placed in IQ.timer, you can easily switch to specific tasks in Bitrix24. This feature allows you to work quickly and efficiently on tasks, minimizing the need to switch between applications.

Adding tasks to the day plan directly from Bitrix24
IQ.timer allows you to add tasks to your day plan directly from Bitrix24. Using the "For Today" function, you can quickly organize your tasks and priorities for the current workday.

Uruchamianie stopera w IQ.timer bezpośrednio w zadaniu Bitrix24
Za pomocą funkcji "Start" w IQ.timer, możesz uruchomić stoper dla konkretnego zadania bezpośrednio w Bitrix24. To pozwala na dokładne śledzenie czasu pracy przy minimalnym wysiłku, zapewniając dokładność i przejrzystość w zarządzaniu czasem.

Benefits of the IQ.timer

  • Clarity and ease of use - it is intuitive and simple to use, which translates into its effectiveness in everyday use.
  • Support in managing a company - IQ.Timer is a tool that not only facilitates managing work time but also supports the overall organization of work in the company.
  • Tracking time spent on specific tasks - provides full transparency in terms of time spent on individual projects and tasks.
  • Insight into work schedule by the supervisor - you can control the progress and efficiency of employees.
  • Employee workload - offers the ability to monitor task distribution in the team.
  • Control over employee engagement - monitoring how employees fulfill set schedules.
  • Increasing company profits - proper work organization translates into increased efficiency and, consequently, company profits.
  • Easing task planning - with better insight into the time needed to complete individual tasks, planning becomes more precise.
  • Positive impact on employee engagement - the ability to view one's own work time increases motivation and employee morale.

Optimize and efficiently manage tasks and time

The IQ.timer application in Bitrix24 is a step towards increasing productivity and efficiency in your organization. By using these tools, you gain full control over work time management, which translates into better results and greater satisfaction with the tasks performed.
Join the ranks of satisfied IQ.timer users and see how your workday changes!

Questions? Contact us.


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