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IQ.timer - effective work time management


IQ.timer is an application for monitoring and managing time spent on tasks during the working day. The application integrates directly with your tasks in Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 IQ.CareAssist Home Care management center

IQ.CareAssist - a solution created with the specificity of the home care industry in mind - using the Bitrix24 system with dedicated functionalities from INOQ.

Product Database Management

Using the integration between the Impuls evo and Bitrix24 systems, we have built a Central Product Repository enabling the management and exchange of product data between suppliers, the sales department and the distribution network. The Repository includes: • Automated process of adding an item index • Electronic product card for exchanging product data • Automated process of reporting and replenishing low stock levels

Integration with SMSAPI

Send SMS notifications directly from the CRM system about important changes in the matters you handle for your clients. Thanks to the integration of Bitrix24 with SMS API, it is possible to expand CRM with an additional communication channel using SMS notifications to inform both your employees, partners and customers about events important to them.

Bitrix24<>Impuls EVO integration

Increase the functionality of the BPSC Impuls Evo system with tools that improve business processes thanks to integration with Bitrix24 tailored to your needs. The ERP system allows you to control and manage the most important resources and processes in many business areas of the company, such as sales, finance, accounting, warehouse and production. Data in these areas are entered as the end result of a series of processes and tasks that go through subsequent stages carried out by people from various departments of the company. However, activities affecting the final result are not always properly synchronized and their status is known, which may cause a number of inefficiencies and additional costs. Using Bitrix24, you can organize business processes in such a way that individual people perform their tasks at the right time, have an overview of the status of individual matters and can flexibly communicate with each other as part of their duties.
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