Increase productivity and optimize leave and absence management with IQ.leave

IQ.leave is a simple and intuitive application for managing absences and leaves, providing you with full control and efficiency of the entire employee time management process. Additionally, by connecting to the IQ.Planner application, you can plan and delegate tasks more effectively using your knowledge about employee availability

Quick and easy submission of leave applications
Our application allows employees to submit leave applications quickly and effortlessly from PC and via the mobile version. Just click the leave request icon or select a day on the schedule and the requesting process becomes child's play..

Visibility of leave requests status on the timesheet
Employees can track the status of their leave requests directly via leave schedule and are updated about every stage of the approval process.

HR panel for defining absence types
IQ.leave has an HR Panel allowing you to define the types of absences available for employee, distinguished by corresponding color for each type of time off on the schedule.
This feature gives your organization the flexibility and freedom to adapt the types of leave to your own needs.

Compliance with legal regulations
The HR panel allows you to define the limit of holiday days for each employee. HR administator can set these limits for individual employees, and the system will automatically deduct the accepted days off from the available pool. This solution allows you to be compliant with legal regulations regarding the number and type of leave , your employees are entitled to.

The HR panel is available only to the HR Administrator indicated during application installation. The HR administrator also has the ability to enter leaves and absences for all employees in your organization.

Personalized Bitrix24 Workflow Designer
Your company can adapt the workflow to its needs and define any process for approving leave requests using the simple and intuitive Workflow designer of the Bitrix24 system.

Supervision of leave records
IQ.leave automatically checks the balance of days off available for an employee, preventing the creation of a request that exceeds the available limit.
The application also monitors the dates of the requested leave, veryfying whether it does not overlap with a previously planned absence.

Time off statistics preview
Both employees and managers have access to preview statistics of used and reamaining time off balance. This feature helps with more efficient time management and holidays planning.

Integration with Bitrix24
Information about leaves submitted via iq leave app status is automatically synchronized with the Bitrix24 absence schedule.
The history and every stage of leave requests status are carried out using the Bitrix24 Workflow.

Automatic notifications
All notifications are sent constantly within the automated system. Manager receives notifications about time off request waiting for approval, once approved, HR receives notification for final approval. Employee is also notified about every stage of submitted time off request.

Advantages of IQ.Leave

Transparency and ease of use
The application is intuitive and easy to use. Requests and approvals are proccessed effortlessly.

Better Work Organization
Knowledge about absences allows more effective tasks and projects planning and delagation due to taking into account the real availability of human resources. It helps avoid situations where tasks are assigned to absent team members, what could lead to unnecessary delays. 

Improving Communication and Cooperation
Knowledge about planned absences facilitates effective communication and cooperation within the team. Employees can better coordinate their activities and take over tasks from colleagues when necessary

Greater Flexibility in Planning
Information about upcoming absences available within one automated system enables flexible planning of tasks and projects, with the possibility of postponing deadlines or reorganizing work to ensure continuity of operations.

Improving Employee Satisfaction
Taking absences into account in your planning routine shows employees that the organization respects their free time and personal plans, which can increase their job satisfaction and loyalty to the company.

Optimize and effectively manage absences and time

The IQ.leave application is a step towards increasing productivity and efficiency in your organization. By using the application, you gain full control over your work time management, which translates into better results and greater satisfaction with your duties.

Join the group of IQ.leave users and see how your work organization improves!


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