IQ.leave walkthrough for HR

IQ.leave is an intuitive tool for managing absences and leaves. It provides you with full control and efficiency of the entire employee time management proces, giving you at the same time effortles experience.

As a HR administartor :

You are the person assigned by your company to manage the settings panel in IQ leave application..

Your credentials are implemented to the system during its installation therefore you are 'the one' with full access to all feautures available in settings panel.

The panel has following features:

1. Add/ edit/remove types of leave

2.Option to set up specific types of leave as limited and unlimited

3. Add /edit initial days amount

Adding and editing leave types feature

Allows you to add, edit or remove types of leaves and set up limits on them for specific number of days accordingly to legal requirements and company politics.

Let's look  how easy is to add new leave type:

Newly added  leve automatically appears with chosen color marker on the list of leave types, as well as the system will add it to the tab with initial days with its shortcut.

Editing or deleting existing type of leave is as easy as adding the new one ;

Lmited and unlimited types of leave feature

 This option allows you to set up limits  for specific number of days on leaves regulated by legal requirements and company politics. Every limited type of leave appears in inital days amount tab, 

You may also set up some type of leaves as unlimited (business trips, special projects, trainings), depending on your company preferences.

To do so you just activate unlimited option by pressing the ‘Unlimited’ button available in every type of leave. 

Managing  the Initial days amount

You may add and edit the number of days in inital balance for all employees in your company any time. To do so just click on the tab with number which you wish to edit, erase the current number and type the new one.

Manual  adding and deleting approved Time off 

You may add manually time off for all company employees:

You may delete already proccessed and approved leaves as well

 Time off Approval via Bitrix24 Workflows

You may also approve time off requests via Bitrix workflows. Everyone involved in the request process will be automatically notified about your approval via Bitrix workflows.

The approval workflow may vary from company to company and it can be adjusted accordingly to specific politics of the company via workflow configuration in Bitrix 24. You may learn more about worklow preferences configuration via the link

Moreover you can obviously view the leave stats of all emplyes and design the color markers up to your own liking.

You may enjoy this user friendly, simple application whenever you are ; from your PC or mobile phone. Even urgent absences requested in the last minute will be visible in the system and processed smoothly so tasks delegation and planning can be also adjusted promtly.

Enjoy the expeirence !

Questions? Contact us

We can adjust leave managment to Your individual needs, as weel as we can integrate IQ.leave with Your HR and payroll system


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